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Hello! I’m Dr. Casey. I’m so excited to meet the patients at Rhinebeck Chiropractic and help support you in your daily life. Here’s a bit about me and what has brought me to the town of Rhinebeck, NY.

I was born in the Bronx but was raised in Poughkeepsie & Pleasant Valley, NY. I attended SUNY Binghamton for my Bachelor Degree where I studied Chemistry and was a Certified Personal Trainer. I then moved on to Southern California University of Health Sciences where I got my Doctorate in Chiropractic. I ran a successful clinic in Marina Del Rey for 9 years, but my family and I decided after having our first child we wanted to be closer to our family.

I’ve been in practice since 2014 where I focused on nutrition, sports rehabilitation & fitness, working with patients ranging from children all the way to the elderly, and prenatal/postpartum. I truly love helping my patients feel better and educating them on the importance of movement & the body-mind connection.

When I’m not at work, you can usually find me spending time with my daughter, going on family walks with our corgi, or at the gym lifting with my husband. I love lifting heavy weights (I’ve done a figure competition and multiple powerlifting meets) and I’m secretly a book nerd.


I am a member of the American Chiropractic Association, International Chiropractic Pediatric Association and the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress.

I have taken on further education in Pediatric/Perinatal Courses, Peak Potential Institute, Stick Mobility, ELDOA Courses & FMS to further my knowledge in helping my community.


✔ Graduated: Southern California University of Health Sciences, 2013

✔ Graduated: Binghamton University, 2010

✔ Degree: Doctor of Chiropractic and Bachelor of Science, Chemistry


✔ BirthFit Coach

✔ Webster Certified

✔ Graston Technique (IASTM- Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Method)

✔ Kinesiology Taping

✔ APEX Functional Medicine

Meet The Doctor

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Our Approach
X-Ray Results

Our Approach

Treating the whole person, not just the injury.


Informed by the latest research and utilizing adjustments, manual soft tissue therapy, and custom at home programs to get you out of pain and back to moving well.

The list of conditions treated at Rhinebeck Chiropractic is never ending. Primarily, the focus is on any ache or pain that limits you from fully participating in the activities and exercises you love.


Whether that's neck pain, hip pain, shoulder pain, lack of mobility, back pain, disc issues, poor posture, plantar fasciitis, poor balance, weakness in your ankles, core, or glutes, or you're simply looking for a reset and TLC for your body.


In addition to the physical conditions treated, anxiety, stress, and depression benefit greatly from increased physical activity and chiropractic. Both work to increase endorphins and inhibit pain receptors in the brain.


If you have a specific question on your symptoms or condition please feel free to email or call the office.

A truly efficient way to get you out of pain & back into your life. It’s time to address the root cause so you can return to your active lifestyle. Don’t worry, I’ve got your individualized plan to show you how.

Are you tired of experiencing pain during your favorite movements or exercises? Are you sick of trying everything you can think of but still nothing helps? LET'S END THIS CYCLE NOW.

No more “typical” chiropractic appointments and it’s time to say buh-bye to the same old same old treatments. Together we will determine what is actually going on with your body and develop a 100% individualized plan to address it.

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